BinteQ Revenue model

Standard offering of Fly2Data (ERP)

- Greater long-term benefits for BinteQ and partners
- Strong believe in long-term relationships with customers
- Fixed monthly fee per named user per month
- Commission agreement with agreed partner margin
- Start-up of new customer includes installation, configuration, data uploads and training

Offering of Fly2Reports (BI)

- Additional monthly fee to be charged per named user
- Fly2Reports can be offered as a single product and is compatible with multiple ERP-software packages
- Includes complete SQL Data Warehouse with Report Manager and Data Cubes (Sales, Purchase, Financial, Logistics, Production)
- Additional recurrent reports can be requested at fixed rate per report

Company- or sector specific adaptations of the programs

- Partner can add sector-specific modules
- BinteQ will cooperate with partner for the integration of sector-specific modules in its ERP and BI-software
- BinteQ will provide the development tools if required

Customer Support

If agreed BinteQ will take care of the support requests at a fixed hourly rate

Technology partners