Why choose for Fly2Services?

Do you really want your internal IT-personnel to spend time on operational tasks like monitoring your server infrastructure? Shouldn't such educated profiles spend their time on strategic applications that contribute to the companies' strategies? We believe that external IT-management can make your IT management much more efficient and allow you IT-professionals to focus on strategic projects.

As ICT-services provider we believe that we should not only fix problems, but most of all avoid them. Our team of highly-qualified maintenance engineers will pro-actively assist your company in maintaining your server infrastructure and processes. 24x7 remote monitoring with specialized software will be set up, so that we can always guarantee complete Data and network protection.

Our engineers will actively monitor back-up procedures, promptly response to incident calls and report to incidents. Efficient and pro-active management of your IT-infrastructure will avoid downtime and other unexpected costs. We will offer you complete IT-maintenance and support for a very advantageous fixed monthly price