What does Fly2Reports offer to your company

Fly2Reports is Business Intelligence (BI) software that will allow you to track your business performance with real-time insight into sales figures, financial figures, production- and logistics results and overall business kpi's.

Why choose for Fly2Reports?

Fly2Reports offers very user-friendly reporting software, built in Microsoft SQL-technology, which offers excellent performance and usability for reporting and analysis of your company's data. The system offers a strong feeling of control over the data as any relevant fields in your ERP-databases as well as data from numerous other sources are combined in a single Data Warehouse. When used together with Fly2Data software there is a complete integration between both packages, however Fly2Reports is a separate product that can be built on any existing ERP-software packages.

Recurrent reporting using BinteQ Report Manager

All reports and dashboards are brought together in a web portal and reports can be send per e-mail automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Possibility to use out-of-the-box reports such as sales overviews, profit-and-loss statements, cash flow reports, stock reports and general company performance dashboards. New reports can also be developed using an unlimited amount of parameters based on what's important to your organization. All reports can be visualized with graphs and allow to drill-through to easily access more detailed information.

Ad-Hoc reporting using Data Analysis Cubes

All relevant data from the ERP-databases are imported and centralized in a separate SQL Data Warehouse. This guarantees the best performance of both database systems and offers a lot of reporting functionalities. All up-to-date company data can be accessed using dynamic cubes in MS Excel, offering a familiar look-and-feel. The user can easily combine database tables and fields to visualize the specific information he needs. Fly2Reports offers the possibility to build custom reports in just minutes. The user has all relevant company information from sales, finances, purchases, logistics and production in his hands.