What is Fly2Pro?

BinteQ has not only invested extensively in software development of applications but also invested in the software methodology and development frameworks. These frameworks are the engines and accelerators to build high-end software solutions going from Windows Desktop applications to Business Web Applications and Mobile Apps for tablets and smartphones. Fly2Pro is our development framework for "on-premise" desktop applications and Fly2Pro Mobile is our framework for Mobile applications.

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Why choose for Fly2Pro?

As enterprises and technologies change with the times, it's important that your applications do as well. The task of keeping your application up-to-date is often a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. In many cases, mature applications have cost a fortune to develop and bundle years of knowledge and expertise. That's enough reason why old applications should not be shown the door!

Traditional methods for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application code written in ABL language to a more modern OO ABL. With Fly2Pro we have an application modernization framework where you can safeguard your previous investment and create new business value from existing applications. Our framework is about reusing code where sensible and adopt new technology where required or appropriate, so that you can easily plug in to tomorrow's new technologies.

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The framework approach guarantees consistent quality and a consistent User Interface presentation throughout the entire application and offers all the tools to build highly standardized, well-performing and functionality-rich applications. All our development frameworks (for Windows Desktop Business Applications, Business Web Applications and Mobile Apps) share the same philosophy and methodology and work seamlessly together.

Over the past few months we've modernized several Enterprise class applications (literally thousands of programs), we've re-developed an entire World Wide used development framework for Progress with the knowledge and technology made available today by Progress OpenEdge 11, and integrated this flawless with mature applications developed decades ago.

Our ambition was not only to upgrade the User Interface, but also the underlying technology and framework. We've succeeded, our international customers are live today with this new technology, and we're happy to share our approach with you.