What does Fly2Mobile offer?

Fly2Mobile is specialized in building custom business apps, typically built on existing legacy ERP- or BI- software programs. Our apps work on every modern popular mobile platform while respecting native look-and-feel of each device. All apps are designed to be very easy to use, extremely functional and show clear information.

Mobility trend in a mature place

The mobility trend in enterprises is entering a more mature phase. The hype of employees bringing their own devices to work is being replaced with mobility investment strategies to transform business. Mobility is seen as a business enabler to exceed customers and employees expectations on business productivity and software usability.

Due to the real estate restrictions of a mobile device, a good Mobile App like Fly2Mobile has been forced to be intelligent about what functionality to provide and what functionality not to provide, resulting in a highly productive, more agile and more focused app that is a true power-house of information and functionality in your hand.

While CRM might be the first and most logical Mobile extension for your Fly2Data ERP, Fly2Mobile can provide surprising benefits in almost any situation where the user works not only from his/her desk, not only field salespeople, but almost any management function from the ERP chain. Production and operations managers can receive alerts whenever there are potential problems as raw materials stuck in transit, or machine breakdowns. With full ERP access on their smartphone or tablet, managers can even authorize changes to expedite specific work orders or deliveries.

Tailor-made mobile apps

In many ways, this is one of our favorites: turning a clients vision for a mobile application into a tangible idea. Possibilities are endless and our mobile developers and user experience designers are highly skilled. In the early envisioning phase we focus on the core requirements for the mobile application to make it outstanding.

During the Design phase, we work with Mockup Modeling to give our clients a very early idea of the navigation, user experience and overall expectation of the envisioned app. With all of the design assets prepared, clearly described and agreed during the Mockup Modeling, the build and development of the application can progress really well.

Our internal team will perform an extensive QA once a module or set of functionality is completed, ensuring each and every feature is tested on all relevant device's, operating system's and connectivity options before guiding the client through their own internal testing to confirm the application is all that it should be.

We will assist our client in distribution of the App through the App Store or any other distribution channel and will guide the after care of the App launch. We will handle reviews, user feedback and plan activities and new releases to ensure a long-term success of each mobile application we deliver.