What is ERP?

ERP stands for 'Enterprise Resource Planning', which is software that supports all processes within your company. ERP-software is often referred to as the heart of the company. Whereas previously companies worked in many different programs to support their processes, ERP brings together all processes and company data in one single program.

A consequence of working in ERP-software is that information about customers, suppliers, products, services, prices, projects, etc only has to be entered one time as a single database is used for the whole company. The main benefits are that data inconsistencies and human errors are much less likely, administrative processes can be organized more efficiently and communication between departments is improved.

Why choose for Fly2Data?

Fly2Data is a reliable and powerful software package to manage all your business processes. You can choose from countless modules and functionalities and easily set-up the program to fit your company's specific needs. The excellent adjustability and scalability of Fly2Data allows the application to grow with your business. Moreover the strong coherence between the different modules offers great simplicity for users. Using the Progress database technology makes this software one of the fastest and best-performing ERP-packages in the market, designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, distribution, and services industries.

Fly2Data is capable of managing an unlimited number of companies in the same database structure, allowing you to keep a comprehensive overview of the company. Also you can use the databases separately or jointly. Fly2Data is available in multiple languages and allows to grant each user's language of choice. The software works very well for small and mid-size companies but works equally well in larger companies with many Intercompany transactions and complicated consolidations. Fly2Data is applicable in many countries, industries, languages and currencies and receives very positive feedback from existing users.

Modules with strong added value:

- Warehousing/Logistics (scanning)
- Production management and planning
- Relationship management (CRM, DRM)
- Finance and accounting module (including Cash-flow forecast, consolidation module, automatically generated P&Ls, etc.)
- Process Oriented Sales and Purchase administrations
- Project management